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Face lift Surgery | Plastic Surgery Clinic Delhi

What is Face Lift Surgery?

This is a technique designed to make the face look fresher & more relaxed. Here we make an incision in the crease in front of the ear. Through this opening skin is lifted up & underlying muscles tightened. This will take care of extra skin reduce jawline and improve the neck hang. It also reduces the nasolabial lines also known as laugh lines.Face-lift-Surgery-Amulya-Before-After

We also practice macs technique which was originally designed by Belgian Doctors. This is minimal access cranial suspension where the length of the incision is reduced & by internal suspension jowling & excess skin reduced without altering facial expression and preventing pulled up look, there is some associated swelling & bruising on the face requiring almost a week or more to settle.

We also add some ancillary procedures to the face to improve outcomes. These are added on need basis & include.

(i) Double chin liposuction to improve neck contours.
(ii) Blephroplasty to improve eyelid appearance.
(iii) Fat grafting of malar & similar area if required to make the face look smoother & fuller.
(iv) Cheek implants to improve over all look of the face if needed.
(v) Buccal fat removal to improve jaw contours.