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Brow lift Surgery

Brow lift is also known as forehead lift or browplasty and it is a process which raises sagging eyebrows, reduces wrinkle lines, frown lines, and makes the face look younger. The brow becomes flat or horizontal as one ages and is one of the visible signs of aging. Sagging brow constrains your expressions and makes you look older. Brow lift is one of the best ways to restore the youthfulness of the upper third of your face.

Are You A Right Candidate For Brow Lift?

You may consider the brow lift method if you have sagging or low eyebrow that makes you look old, dull and sad. You are an ideal candidate for the brow lift surgery if you have:
• Deep horizontal creases across the forehead
• Frown lines between the eyebrows
• Excess fatty tissue over your eyes
• Sagging brows giving sad expression.
• Lifting your eyebrow up makes you look pleasant and younger

Brow Lifting Procedure

There are three different types of Brow Lift procedures which are conducted on the basis of an individual’s unique anatomy, goals, and the kind of imperfections that need to be treated.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This is a less invasive method for brow lifting that provides equally desirable results. The method has been increasingly used by cosmetic surgeons to treat fine lines, sagging eyebrows and frowning lines. The surgeon makes some incisions of about ¾” behind the hairline. The muscles are repositioned, the underlying tissues of the forehead are lifted and the excess fat is removed using a special tiny camera and thin instruments.

Temporal or Limited Incision Brow Lift

In temporal or limited incision brow lift method, the incisions are slightly longer and the process is performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery. The length can be up to 1 inch and the incisions are made behind the hairline above each temple. These incisions will help lift and reposition the tissues of the outer brow area. The frown lines are reduced through the incisions and the area between the eyebrows is lifted.

Classic or Coronal Brow Lift

Classic or Coronal Brow Lift used to be a standard method but is now out-dated particularly because only a highly experienced surgeon can perform this method. Yet, this technique is required to remove complex imperfections. An incision is made behind the hairline, running from ear to ear. Through this process excess fat, skin and tissue are removed and the muscles are re-positioned so as to bring youthfulness.