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Implant for Breast Enlargement Surgery

Implant for Breast Enlargement

A breast Enlargement or breast augmentation which is also known as Mammaplasty is a medical prosthesis is used to correct the size, form or feel of women. Breast augmentation involves using implants to fulfill the desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume which is lost after weight loss or during the pregnancy. There are basically three types of breast implants which are Saline, Silicon and composite. Some factors which the person has to decide who undergo breast implants includes whether the breast implant surface is textured or smooth, or the breast implant type is round or anatomical, or about the size of the breast. The procedure may be able to help you achieve more proportionate breasts, enhance their appearance with fuller breasts that have a natural look and feel Ideal candidate for Implant for breast Enlargement

  • If there is an asymmetry or the breasts are not exactly of the same size
  • The majority of women who undergo breast augmentation want to achieve an improved appearance, a boost to their self-image and an increase in self-confidence.
  • You do not have a medical condition preventing the procedure
  • Loss of firmness from age or after pregnancy
  • Realistic expectations and clear aesthetic goals
  • Upper body is disproportionately smaller than the lower body

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure so all the precaution and care must be taken like in any other surgery. Pre and post operation care greatly influence the speed of recovery. After 1-2 weeks one can go back to daily routine but strenuous work must be avoided for at least a few more weeks or as advised by the surgeon. So it is advised that you take the initial period of the recovery from breast augmentation easy. So if you are planning to undergo the surgery of implant for best enlargement which is an important decision then you must know about which implant to use, which incision type and placement approaches will work best for you. For all your queries Amulya Clinic has answers.

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