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Botox Treatments | Dermatologist Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Best Botox Treatments  with Cosmetic Dermatological Technology

This is the use of botulinum toxin to cause temporary muscle palsy. It is used extensively in cosmetology for the following purposes.
1) Reduce wrinkles.
2) Facial shaping
3) Reduce excessive sweating

The procedure is short lunch time procedure. During the initial discussion the problem area/ areas requiring improvement are discussed. Botox can be used to reduce action induced wrinkling in the following areas.

1) Around eyes.
2) Frown lines.
3) Forehead lines.
4) Neck lines.

Multiple injections are used to paralyze the target muscle. The onset of action is almost immediate but full result may take upto a week or ten days. This will result in softening & almost complete disappearance of dynamic crease lines.

Face lift by Botox
By injecting in special muscles in the neck, around lower lip & forehead a more lifted & relaxed look is achieved.

Facial shaping
By selectively paralyzing muscles, the face can be slimmed down. This is used in masseter extensively to slim down the sides of the face.