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Acne Scar Treatment

There are millions of tiny pores on our skin that are connected to oil glands. When these oil glands are blocked by factors including dirt, the oily substance called sebum clogs our pores and causes pimple breakout. While pimples usually go away with age or normal treatment, they can give you permanent scars.

Acne Scars can be a big hindrance in your beauty and it can make your facial features look dull. Many patients feel lack of confidence due to the scars that stubborn acne leave behind. For all such people acne scar treatment is the most useful solution. The objective of this treatment is to help you face the world with improved confidence. Sometimes the acne scars get completely vanished while in some cases they are simply lessened with these treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment
Acne Scar Treatment

Are you a candidate for acne scar treatment?

For those of you who wish to go for acnes scar treatment, there are enough options available. If you are unhappy with your facial appearance and the scars on your face then you may book an appointment with our experts to explore the treatment.

You are an ideal candidate for acne scar treatment if:

  • You have permanent acne scars
  • Mentally prepared for the surgery
  • You have tried all other non-surgical option but couldn’t find best results

Acne Scar Treatment procedure: How it works?

Salicylic peels, obtained from winter tree bark extract, are used for the procedure. These peels unclog pores and reduce oil from the skin, hence they are dual action. The final result is healthy glowing and scar free skin and it is disinfected to prevent further acne formation.
Frequency: 6-8 sessions, one session in 10 days

Time Taken: 30 min

There are two major techniques used for acne scare treatemnet:
  1. Fractional [Frexel] skin resurfacing laser: Laser light as an array of micro-beams is sent deeper in to the skin and the outer skin remains unaffected. This light takes fractions to reach and begin a natural healing process. New healthy tissues are formed and deep scars are treated. This procedure can show results in 3-4 sessions and does not leave any lasting redness or marks considering that it is a non-ablative process. It also ensures quick healing process. This technique can be combined with peels to achieve upto 80% permanent reduction in scars. The very first session begins internal improvement and it goes on for months even after the last session. This technique is also helpful in reduing age lines and can be used for treating acne scars on most areas of the body including face, arms, chest, and hands.
  2. Derma-roller: This technique involves multiple micro-needles which go deeper upto 1.5mm into the upper layer of skin. There are two major benefits of this technique:

a)Helps scar reduction by stimulating collagen formation.
b) The needles also create micro-channels in skin so that topical gels and creams can be absorbed effectively through the upper layer of the skin.

Frequency: 4 sessions with an interval of 8-10 weeks within 2 sessions because the collage takes time to remodel. These sessions encourage an ongoing collagen production and reduce acne scars.